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Sarah is a dedicated cat mom, do-er of good deeds, and goes about her day with the utmost pep in her step. Within the realm of theatre, Sarah lives in a Cinderella-meets-Hair world with big brassy belt vocals and an allure that draws in even the most hardcore theatre haters. She truly is one of a kind and strives to tell authentic and oftentimes difficult stories, as she has overcome much in her own life. Her experiences inform and expand the depth of her performances, and her quirky disposition is an asset in any room she enters. Although she markets herself as a theatre performer, her roots are founded in popular music. She spent much of her youth interacting with artists, musicians, and vocalists of many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Music, at large, is an integral piece of what makes Sarah unique, and she is enthusiastic about any opportunity to share her voice. As a recent SRU graduate, she is beyond excited to enter the world of professional performance and hopes to hear from you soon!

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